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Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

An elegant blend of 85% montepulciano for softness and 15 % cabernet for backbone. Pleasant flavors of cherry, oak and spice make this an excellent wine with richly flavored dishes.

Pan is named after the Greek god of flocks, forests, gardens, and meadow lands. This half-man & half-goat figure frolickedabout the landscape playing songs on his fl ute pipes for all who could hear. It is among these mythical hills where Pan Montepulciano D’Abbruzzo is produced. It is dry full bodied red wine with an intense bouquet and an inviting after taste. This noble wine is matured in small oak barrels, then a second refining takes place in the bottle.




Abbruzzo Region is a major producer of wine with volumes that exceed those of the entire nations of Austria or Chile or Hungary or Greece, yet the region isn’t as well known as it deserves to be.

Beyond quantity, a growing number of wines prove the quality potential of the hills between the Adriatic Sea and the highest peaks of the Apennines in the Gran Sasso range near the regional capital of L’Aquila.

The predominant varieties are Montepulciano (not to be confused with the town of that name in Tuscany)
and Trebbiano, source of the regionwide D.O.C.s.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo combines robust power with finesse in wines that have been winning increasing praise from the critics.

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