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LoDuca - 8:13 pm - 31 October, 2016

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The family crest pictured here represents “The Duke” a title bestowed upon the family’s French and Italian historical nobility. The Blue Shield represents steadfastness, creativity and success. The burgundy represents the victories of “battle”.

Tom and Guy Lo Duca, the original Lo Duca Bros. were the first Italian-American that took advantage of their Italian roots and their family ties. Music and Wine have been part of the Lo Duca Culture – being creative and artistic came naturally to Tom and Guy Lo Duca.

The two brothers from Milwaukee stuck together through thick and thin and became world famous for their business endeavors. From music teaching methods to musical instruments designing and later from wine to olive oil, their innovative ideas and designs for products with the Italian artistic flair flourished.

The Lo Duca Family takes great pride in their noble ancestry and displays the family crest as a symbol of its heritage. The young LoDucas are proud of their history and try to bring the virtues of their family roots to their business dealings. The success of the LoDuca Company is the result of the LoDuca Business philosophy: Do It Right. Do it Better. Do it Now.