Jim Lo Duca's father and uncle were the original Lo Duca Brothers, who formed a small music store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that opened for business on December 1, 1941. It continues to be operated by their sons and grandchildren. Seven days later America was attacked in Pearl Harbor and soon after that Jim’s uncle was drafted. Jim’s father, Tom, was too young to be drafted so he stayed to maintain the store. During that time he enrolled students for his accordion programs, which went on to serve over 1,000 students and employed 30 teachers. 

Tom designed several student-proof models, which was later distributed by Sears under the Silver Tone name. When Jim joined the company full time he oversaw the relationship with Sears, which lasted more than 30 years. Jim also expanded the company to make and distribute wines made in Italy and in fact the company continues to sell musical instruments and wines to this day.

Whether you know LO DUCA because of its musical products and accessories or because of its wines and oils, THE LO DUCA FAMILY of products is designed to make a positive difference in your life.

... In my many travels up and down Italy and throughout Europe, seeking new and exceptional wines for the U.S. market, I've learned one of the most important lessons a businessman can learn in life; that behind a quality product stand quality people. Such people produced the new LoDuca Wine Selection ... Jim Lo Duca

We sell quality innovative products to make life healthy, easy and more enjoyable - says Jim Lo Duca. We are in New Berlin, Wisconsin, and distribute products - custom designed and formulated for customers throughout the United States. Each product category grows and continues to expand within its market. LO DUCA'S designs, patents, formulas, and trademarks are recognized and respected all over the world.

Please, find out more. Watch the video - here below - of our Lambrusco that is one of the many quality products currently present in the US Market.