About LoDuca Bros.

LoDuca Bros., Inc. Headquarters, New Berlin, Wisconsin

LoDuca Bros. is a private family corporation in business since 1941 and is located in New Berlin, Wisconsin. LoDuca Bros. manufactures and distributes products - custom designed and formulated for customers throughout the United States. Over the years LoDuca Bros., Inc. has diversified into four main product categories: - Consumer Electronic Accessories - Musical Instruments - Imported and Domestic Premium Wines - Healthy Cooking and Seasoning Oils. Each product category grows and continues to expand within its market. LoDuca's designs, patents, formulas, and trademarks are recognized and respected all over the world. LoDuca Bros. was founded by Tom and Guy LoDuca in 1941 and continues to be operated by their sons and grandchildren. Whether you know LoDuca because of its musical products and accessories or because of its wines and oils- the LoDuca family of products is designed to make a positive difference in your life. LoDuca Bros. sells quality innovative products to make life healthy, easy and more enjoyable.

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